About us

Yego is a common project between Danish Baptist Child and Youth Association and Danish Baptist Scout and Guide Association. The project is a cooperation with AEBR Youth in Rwanda, which focuses on the rights of the youth, the youth’s role in the development of Rwanda and seek to strengthen AEBR Youth as an organization.


Yego means ‘’yes’’ in Kinyarwanda which also is the spoken language in Rwanda. We have chosen the name, because we’re excited about having the opportunity to cooperate with other youths far away from Denmark. We’re saying ’’yes’’ to subvert prejudices, ’’yes’’ to create relations beyond borders and cultures and ’’yes’’ to be responsible of the world we’re living in.



The cooperation between the Yego-team in Denmark and AEBR Youth in Rwanda was established April 2010. The Baptist Church in Denmark (BiD) has been working in Rwanda for many years and that is why it has been a natural part for the youth and the scouts in BiD to join the cooperation and utilize from the contacts and the great experience.


The cooperation between the Yego-team and AEBR Youth is a not an aid-project, but a partnership in which we cooperate to make the youth aware of which role they play in Rwanda as citizens. Furthermore we’re working for a development in AEBR Youth as organization in order to unite the youth in a community.


Yego has a mission in Denmark also. We wish to broaden the Danish youths horizons and give them the opportunity to gain an insight of the world they’re a part of and which they’re responsible to. We’re trying to fulfill our mission by depicting the reality of Rwanda from a distance far away from Denmark.


Danish Baptist Child and Youth Association

Danish Baptist Child and Youth Association (BBU) is a spiritual Child and Youth Organization with connection to the Baptist Church in Denmark. The organization consist of 1100 members divided into 45 local children’s club, Sunday schools, drop-in-centres, teenage- and youth groups and gospel choirs. The purpose of BBU is to unite, strengthen and develop the areas focusing on the children, youth and musical perspectives in the Danish Baptist churches. Based on the confession of the creed in the Christian churches – which is expressed in the Baptist tradition in particular – BBU is trying to:


  • Lead children and youth to a personal belief and to live in a relation with God.
  • Help children and youth to find a Christian community, where they have the opportunity to develop themselves as an active part of the ecumenical family of God.
  • Inspire to an involvement in our fellow human beings, in our relations and in the projects on a local, national and global level.


For further information, please visit BBU’s website (http://bbunews.dk/)


Danish Baptist Scout and Guide Association

Danish Baptist Scout and Guide Association (DBS, grounded in 1930) is an independent Scout Association. The local groups are working regard the congregations connected to the Baptist Church in Denmark. The purpose of the Association is to lead children and youth to experience the Christian gospel and to give them the opportunity to develop a self-independence, co-responsibility, democratic approach to life and an international understanding accordance to the international Scout Movement foundation. The Danish Baptist Scout and Guide Association consists of approximately 1400 scouts divided among 30 local groups. The Scouts Association participates in the world-wide Scout activities in the two Scout organizations WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) and WOSM (World Organization of the Scout Movement).

AEBR Youth

AEBR Youth is the youth section in ‘The Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda’ (AEBR). The Association is a national organization involving over 45.000 members. Besides the associated churches AEBR runs 28 primary schools and 19 secondary schools across the country. AEBR Youth consists of a youth aged 15-35. Nationally there are 189 associations, all with a connection to the local churches. The youth meet in their common fellowship as Christians and arrange activities together, which are: rabbit raising, agriculture, restaurant running and other income generating activities. The organization is co-ordinated by a national committee, which consists of 7 representatives from around the country.


For further information, please visit AEBR’s webside: